Well Stimulation Support Services

Well Stimulation Support Services

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Providing comprehensive acid mixing services which come as a cornerstone for our ultimate goal of becoming a reliable local partner to upstream service providers bringing value to their core operations. Our current services include the hauling, storage and complete mixing services for well stimulation. We utilize technologies to optimize the time and cost of our operations.

On average, our rig up time, for example, is 60% faster than anyone else’s as our equipment is designed for fast and rapid deployment and de-mobilization.

Equipment Specifications

Frac Tank

Capacity:          500 bbls
Coating:            FRP
Discharge:       8” manifold with 2 x 8” blind flanges and 2 x 4” 206   hammer unions (front)
Inlet:                  2 x 4” 206 Hammer Union connections (front)
Drain:                4” 206 Hammer Union connection (front)
Manholes:        1 Top Manhole + 1 Side Manhole
Manholes:        3” 206 Hammer union connection (back)


Capacity:               6,500 gallons
Coating:                 FRP
Compartments:   2 x 3,250 gallons
Discharge:            4" 206 hammer union for each compartment (back)
Manholes:             2 x Top Manhole with internally coated Tomb Stones + rubber drain lines
Safety:                    Backlights, Acid Spill kit, Soda Ash