Mobile Nitrogen Generation

Mobile Nitrogen Generation

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Petrogistix state of the art and truly mobile nitrogen generation equipment is capable of delivering continuous and unrivaled nitrogen rates for the most demanding projects, onshore & offshore. Membrane nitrogen provides an excellent alternative to liquid nitrogen, especially for remote sites and projects requiring large volumes of nitrogen. It provides the clients with significant cost savings, eliminates the logistical challenges, and ensures maximum efficiency at the job site.

Petrogistix delivers 99.50% (or higher) nitrogen purity and can back it up with a long track record from the industry’s top names.


Coiled Tubing Lifting, Purging, De-cruding, De-watering, Pressure testing, Inerting, Reactor Cooling

Purity Assurance Technology

Our high performance membranes ensure that we deliver the required purities defined by our clients. We deploy purity assurance valves so that our produced nitrogen meets or exceeds the client’s requirement; otherwise, it will be automatically rejected as an “off-spec” product.


With solid capabilities to deliver Nitrogen at 8,500 psig and purities up to 99.5%, we can reliably deliver the required injection rates for critical applications such as those requiring Coiled Tubing, where this high level of nitrogen purity cannot be compromised. When the project calls for large amounts of nitrogen, we can generate 3,000 SCFM, which is equivalent to 46,000 gallons or 7 truck-loads of liquid nitrogen per day from a single unit. Our clients will have a piece of mind with our services & solutions.

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